Upgrade your Pharmacy

  The area of Pharmacy has suffered in recent years from state shortcomings. The source of life for Pharmacists is the proper sale of food supplements and dermocosmetics.

  Knowing a proper sales based on a specialized survey of the actual customer needs is not always feasible. The ideal solution is now in our hands.

We provide you:

  • Specialized Training in Herbal Medicine & Oral Diet.
  • Diagnostic tools and ways to properly diagnose the customer.
  • Successful Sales Techniques and Pleasant Customers.
  • Set up a personalized learning program.
  • Consumer needs survey in your area.
  • Targeted racking - merchandising.
  • Schedule and manage CSA-FARMAKON or other program for direct sale.
  • Supplements & Cosmetics at wholesale prices.
  • New sales and marketing techniques.
  • Create an e-shop or site.
  • Direct increase in the turnover of the Pharmacy by 72%.

We have the know-how, you have the choice!

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